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Part of Passion Pursuit Inc's (PPI) mission is to optimize the personal growth of professionals - strengthening work environments of & retaining quality talent for the businesses we depend on most.

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Some of the most vulnerable professions affected by shifts in our post-pandemic society include service staff, medical professionals, and educators.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (, one of the top ways to retain employees is to include health, wellness, and stress management support in your workplace.

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We can play a part in encouraging a higher sense of community and mental health within our most frequented places of business by purchasing self-care packages for our favorite staff!

We have access to +300 products that help fight fatigue, enhance focus, boost immunity, and encourage healthy habits, such as gummy vitamins, protein shakes, hospital grade disinfectant and B-vitamin energy drinks without the crash.
*A portion of profits support PPI Programming~

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