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personal growth


Self-care is "defined as the ability to care for oneself through awareness, self-control, and self-reliance in order to achieve, maintain, or promote optimal health and well-being".

Source: National Library of Science

According to, there are five goals that your self-care plan should emphasize:

  1. Taking care of physical and psychological health

  2. Managing and reducing stress

  3. Recognizing emotional and spiritual needs

  4. Fostering and sustaining relationships

  5. Achieving balance in different areas of life

Did you know that our Founder is also a Life Coach certified through both New Skills Academy and Tony Gaskins Academy? Connect with her for one-on-one coaching in Personal Power, Faith-based Career Coaching, and Family Relationships.

Are you a #proudlyDeKalb resident? Contact the DeKalb Township to schedule an in-person or Zoom Career Coaching appointment with @CoachDanita ~ 


“Mentors encourage and enable another person's professional or personal development.” -

PPI encourages ambitious clients to seek out those who have the results in career and life to build relationships with and learn from directly.

“A mentor can help their mentee set personal or professional development goals. For effective goal-setting, they can create SMART goals—specific, achievable, relevant and time-based. These goals can help focus the mentee's efforts and make it easier for the mentor to track and assess progress.”

money management

According to CNBC as of March 2022, "62% of Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck". What better time to gaining accountability in your spending and financial stewardship?

Whether you are looking for practical guidance on snowball debt reduction, your very first budget spreadsheet, or reminder emails regarding your bookkeeping schedule, we'd love to assist you in the basics of budgeting so that you can pursue your goals with more intentionality.

GreenPath Financial Wellness Resources


GoBoodle eliminates the fear and mystery of investing and gives you peace of mind.

Mental Health support

Life is not meant to be tackled alone!

PPI supports #MentalHealthAwareness efforts and continuously make sure that any of our clients with concerns regarding their Mental Health are connected directly to professionals in their area.

Need help getting started?

Walk-ins available in DeKalb, IL

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

Experiencing violence from a partner?

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