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Not a minister...Not a therapist...
just obedient!

faith-based life coaching, helping you pursue:

  • Healthy (realistic) Boundaries

  • God's peace in a PRACTICAL, more INTENTIONAL way

  • More room in your life for WHAT and WHO you truly desire!

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A Christian Chicago native with +10 years of Workforce Development experience, I became a Life Coach to help people establish healthy boundaries and unlock life-altering possibilities of abundance and freedom.
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My specialty is helping clients pursue peace in a practical, more intentional way to make room for what and who they truly desire.

Just before the pandemic in February 2020, I began Life Coaching via I specialize in 3 topics and have decided to publish my most valuable insights on each based on client feedback, including Personal Power, Family Relationships, and Faith-Based Career Coaching.

After publishing my first book,
"Falling for the Right One: One woman’s search for validation, acceptance, and identity",
I understood that a major part of my purpose was to inspire others to thrive beyond life's trauma and rejection.

full access granted!

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